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Have you been playing Keno for a while now and have won some games and lost some games in the past? Are you thinking that there should be some logic behind this and looking to exploit it to your advantage?

If so, you've come to the right place. Keno is a game that can be played with logic. But that doesn't mean you'll win every time.

You can certainly do better than all the other countless gamblers that have no clue about what's happening behind the scenes. But remember at the end of every gambling game, it's ultimately the house that wins.

Learn How to win at Keno

If you are smart enough, you could slowly begin to create a consistent winning pattern that allows you to earn a couple of thousand dollars every now and then. It's still not guaranteed though. But if you commit yourself to becoming a student of the game, you can certainly learn how to win at Keno.

There have been many pros who have successfully mastered winning at keno. They still don't win 100% of the time but their wins often exceed the losses they make.

With that said, here's an exact system we recommend that you use to win at keno....

1. Set yourself a bankroll

This is the first and the most important step. You need to set your limit. And this is where you're going to stop regardless of whether you win or not. There are many people who have turned into compulsive gamblers because they just got addicted to the win/loss pattern.

They’d lose a couple of times and suddenly win a game. This would further interest them and make them bet more. To be honest, many people have put their lives in jeopardy as a result of this.

That's why it is extremely crucial that you set yourself a bankroll. Think about how much you can really afford to lose.

Have the following mindset: You're not interested in gaining this money back at all. You're just testing things out to see how it works. Be prepared to lose all of the money to figure out what works.

So study your finances and find out how much you can really afford to gamble each month at keno. Make sure that it doesn't exceed 5 - 10% of your income unless you're filthy rich already.

Set yourself a bankroll

2. Analyze the game

Analyze The Game

Pros who win just about every time at Keno did not become pros overnight. They studied the game for hours together with patience. They observed what was going on in the tables and the respective patterns at which the numbers appear.

They burned loads of cash in the game and took notes often. That's the reason for their success. If you'd like to be as successful as they are, we suggest that you emulate them.

Analyze the game and take notes on the numbers that appear. There will be a pattern left behind that you can figure out if you invest enough resources.

For example, there was one individual who used the Chaos Theory to earn $600,000 in one night at the Montreal Casino in Quebec.

Almost all casinos use a random number generator system to pick Keno numbers. But the number generator system at the Montreal Casino was just inadequate.

Although the name does make such software sound completely random, it isn’t. The pattern will repeat itself after a specific period (whether it is after a million numbers or a billion numbers) depending on the complexity of the system.

In order to ensure random results, these RNG’s pick a seed number using the nanosecond the computer’s internal clock has at the moment the operator turns on the program. Unfortunately, the Montreal Casino at Quebec did not employ the clock chip.

3. Practice the game without investing money

The best way to master the game is to practice it without investing any money upfront. That's where online keno games and offline keno games come in handy. These games are often free and can be downloaded from the internet.

Use these games and start practicing your skills. Identify different patterns and take notes continually. These applications also work with Random Number Generators. By putting in a couple of hours each week by practicing online, you'll be a lot more prepared for the live game with real money.

Make it a point to practice the game and your strategies virtually without investing any money upfront. Test out different methods constantly and look for patterns. If you play your Keno online (including the real keno), we strongly recommend that you use the virtual version offered by the casino that you're playing with.

These casinos often make use of the same random number generators for both their virtual and real games.

Practice the game without investing money

4. Pick a random number

Pick a random number

While practicing online or offline, we strongly recommend that you pick a random number that you'll stick with. The random number will have to appear anytime sooner or later. The only question is when.

The solution to that question is dependent on your desire to win, your persistence and the complexity of the random number generator. If you're willing to be persistent and stick to just one number throughout the game no matter how much you lose, you're bound to win at least some money.

You won't necessarily win the jackpot but still you'll earn money enough to exceed your initial investments. Stick to the random number at all costs. This is a strategy plenty of pros have used to successfully win the game.

5. Educate yourself on number selection and betting

Number selection and betting is more of an art than a science. Science is proven and gives you reliable, predictable results. Art isn't so predictable. But still you can achieve mastery over it if you're willing to educate yourself on certain principles.

There are many guides out there that talk about different number patterns which you can use to achieve success at keno or just about any other betting game. Patterns include the Fibonacci sequence, Chaos Theory and so on. There are so many different mathematical patterns that you can use to game the system.

This is absolutely the best way to increase your chances of success in the game of Keno. There are some pros who have already figured out what works and what doesn't work in this game.

They've done so after investing tons of money and time. You can make use of their knowledge by consulting with a pro (if you can find one) or using our guide that's been written by a pro.

Educate yourself on number selection and betting

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